Cosmetic Lengthening

An Overview for Patients:

   by Matthew Harris MD, MBA

Frustrated, Missed Opportunities, Disadvantaged, Self-esteem, Scared, Angry...these are some of the more common words that cosmetic lengthening patients use to explain why they have traveled to Dr. Harris in order to discuss making them taller.   They may have words in common, but every lengthening patient is unique.  Getting to know each patient, one begins to gain insight into what fuels that person's drive to take control of something that would otherwise be beyond their control.  No patient walks into an office better prepared, better informed, or more well-read than a prospective cosmetic lengthening patient.  As it should be.  The physical, financial, social and emotional preparation that goes into making what will easily be one of the greatest personal investments of your life is not to be taken lightly.   

Dr. Harris understands all of this.  And it is precisely the reason that he has founded the Joint Preservation and Limb Reconstruction Center in Jupiter.  You will soon discover that we not only offer the best surgical treatment, but the best overall experience that you will find available anywhere in the world.  Dr. Harris has been making people taller for a long time, but unlike some of the other people in the business, he listens.  He listens to what his patients say, especially the suggestions they offer on how the experience could be improved.  The result of that... is the JPLRC practice.  You will see the difference before you even step foot through our doors.  To learn more about the services and accommodations that are provided and included in a lengthening package, contact Dr. Harris by email through this website.         

We not only offer the very best product, but you also get the extensive experience of Dr. Harris.  He was there to perform the very first PRECICE intramedullary lengthening procedure in the United States in December 2011.  Within only a year, he had performed more intramedullary lengthening procedures than any other surgeon in the country. This experiential advantage continued to increase further, until an opportunity presented for him to study and teach abroad while performing a Joint Preservation Fellowship.  The rationale for pursuing this additional expertise and its implications for cosmetic lengthening will become evident during your initial consultation with Dr. Harris.  

In the course of developing his expertise on intramedullary lengthening, Dr. Harris has published his work and results in Orthopedic Journals and presented in numerous national and international Orthopedic and Limb Lengthening conferences.  He has lectured on cosmetic lengthening all over the world.  Dr. Harris is committed to achieving the very best results for his patients, and continually improving upon old or previously outdated techniques.  

Today, patients are able to become taller more safely, effectively and affordably than ever before.   Dr. Harris performs all surgical procedures at the JPLRC himself, using tested and proven minimally invasive techniques to implant the intramedullary lengthening devices, along with plastic surgery closures that he has developed with Plastic Surgeons.  Dr. Harris will be more than happy to discuss the details of the procedure, as well as, go over the financing and highlight the advantages of lengthening at the JPLRC with you in person.  We are committed to providing you with an unparalleled experience - the Best surgical results, the Most comfortable accommodations, the Most effective therapy, and the Greatest Value.